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Sonic X: Cosmic Chase Released!

2010-08-09 19:37:08 by BritishGolgo13

Go check it out!

Sonic X: Cosmic Chase


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2010-08-09 19:57:39

I love it! :D


2010-08-09 20:13:06

Why are your fans so annoying?

They marked any review that doesnt have a 10 as useless.


2010-08-09 20:20:41

ProtomanBlues, people are marking your review as useless because you referred to the flash movie as terrible and gave it a 3/10. There's quite a few 10/10 reviews marked as useless and I saw one 5/10 review marked a useful.


2010-08-09 20:22:29

Who cares if the reviews get marked. Not like it makes much impact on either the writer or the people who will read it.


2010-08-09 21:57:27

Forgive me!

Sometimes I can be a jerk and regret it later on. :(


2010-08-09 22:00:58

The animation was great! ...Fanflippntastic!

If you could PM me about the 3D animation you did in there ...I'm seeing people do it but I don't know how.


2010-08-10 00:22:15

No, protoman is right, someone really spammed the useless button on the reviews.


2010-08-10 05:09:52

Every negative review on any Flash with at least one rabid follower will be marked useless. It's inevitable.

As for the 3D, beastkid7, visit Yandura's website, linked to in his Contact Info. It talks about the 3D.


2010-08-10 06:17:43

Good job and stuff.


2010-08-10 06:25:33

I can't believe it's been 4 years since the trailer. When I first saw the full thing I couldn't realize I've been waiting for this. But then because of the style of the animation I could figure out I've seen this many years ago. Then I saw your profile and saw that trailer was yours. Cool stuff. And nice work on writing and the overall result.


2010-08-10 07:29:44

It's been 4 years since I saw the trailer. I have been patient. I thank you, kind sir.


2010-08-10 09:38:45

For four years in development, that was shit.


2010-08-10 12:30:46

Actually just because I said "4 years", it doesn't mean you should all copy that now, because for all I know this has actually been planned since 2003, so it's probably more than that.


2010-08-10 15:12:30

Personally I don't see what the big deal is with everyone jumping and giving this a negative review. And especially the "4 years" thing. The fact is, however long it took, I highly doubt this was all he was doing in 4 years.

Please, look at how old he is. Mid 20's are when people are adjusting themselves to making their own life, get a steady enough income to live and pay bills, not to mention trying to enjoy time with friends. This flash, like most flashes done by artists on NG are for fun. So with life probably getting in the way it took this long to get it done. With his talent he probably could have finished this a lot sooner, but like I said, life and events probably got in the way.

Also, people saying "the trailer" was all realize everything in the trailer was in this flash right? It was merely the pacing and the text and suspense, but the art is no different from the trailer.

And to add to my point, this is a sonic fan flash, he did it for fun. It's merely a music video that emulates Sonic, there's no real indepth plot, it's supposed to be taken at face value. And he pulled it off well. The smooth lines and overall crisp look of the animation is impressive, especially using the pencil tool in flash to keep thin lines.

Do I think it could have been improved? Yeah. But it doesn't detract from what he's put out. To be honest, seeing the trailer and the line "over 10,000 frames" I knew it wasn't going to be long. 7 minutes is actually a good time in my opinion. Also, seeing his first Sonic flash you should have been prepared for what this was in terms of story.

The one thing I hate about Newgrounds is that 95% of the members who review all are looking for simple, stupid jokes and cliched animation styles done in comedy or dick joke fashion. And their capacity for anything else is extremely limited. I'm always pleasantly surprised when I see some members give actual reviews that are helpful and thoughout. Then again this Flash represents a style of animation that NG used to represent before everyone became obsessed with stupid jokes for 12 year olds. And for that, I resepct it even more.

So why doesn't everyone get off his back and give him some credit for actually finishing something he started years ago and for not just letting it fall to the way side. Animation, contrary to most people's belief is not easy.

BritishGolgo13 responds:

Well said, my friend.


2010-08-10 22:46:24

Portal Turret: ''I dont blame you''


2010-08-13 11:17:17

nice and worth work, you´ve taked much longer to do it indeed


2010-08-15 08:32:20

Hahaha well put nike drummer, you gained respect in my book.
And nice animation British Golgo, could tell you worked on it. I'm just tired of the newer Sonic stuff, so I'm SOO glad you didn't put the Telekinesis guy in it.
I'm happy with everyone up to Sonic Adventure 2.
So well done. MAde me just a tad happier with Sonic Animators.


2010-09-26 13:25:08

Quite possibly the most awesome sonic flash ever! I have one question though,What happened at the end when sonic was glowing?


2010-11-20 11:31:55

you are a good artist do you think you can help the person making the sonic battle card game


2011-04-17 17:31:39

It's amazing! o.o


2011-05-04 15:41:24

This was a disappointment. I'm sorry, but it was. The trailer made it look like something epic, something we've never seen before. But the animation was just... It was nothing like the trailer predicted. The movements looked awkward, and the whole all music no sounds thing just made it seem bland.

I would have been able to put up with it, but the quality of it for such a long wait is total bullshit. I was thinking that you were simply spending a lot of time trying to make the movements look as realistic as possible, that you were doing every thing about a frame per minute, to make sure the animations were precise, that you were trying so nhard on details, to make it more enjoyable for the more observant of us. I was not expecting this.

The animation itself was an 8, but I voted a 5, as the years in which I had waited for it, only to be presented with THIS, is simply unacceptable.


2011-07-20 04:21:21

finaly its released yes


2011-07-29 13:39:03

Guys, the reason some people don't like it is you can't really make up a FOUR YEAR wait. Especially since the original release date was Summer 2006. The quality of flash movies have changed dramatically since then, but it doesn't seem like this movie has caught up with that quite yet. I consider it the Duke Nukem Forever of Newgrounds, really.